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Monkey Cup Plant Care

Monkey Cup Nepenthe Hanging Indoors

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Monkey Cup plants (Nepenthes hybrids) are some of the most unusual looking tropical plants, with their dark red pitchers hanging down from the tips of green, spear shaped leaves.

The coloring of the pitchers as well as the smell of the nectar inside them, attract insects, which drown when they fall in.

This ‘other-worldly’ looking plant makes for a fascinating and useful additional to your indoor garden.

They usually grow to around 12 inches in height and spread to about 18 inches in width.

The good news is that given the right conditions and a little attention, the monkey cup plant is really quite easy to care for.


A single pitcher on a monkey plant

How to Care for a Monkey Cup 

Just follow these easy-care instructions and your monkey cup plant should give you pleasure for many years to come.


Plant in a pot measuring between 4-6 inches in height, or in a hanging basket, using nepenthes soil mix (a mixture of chopped pine bark, sphagnum moss and perlite)

[Important: Never use potting mix as it will kill the plant]


Set in a bright filtered light out of direct summer sun.  


Monkey Cups will do best in temperatures ranging from 55 – 77 F (13 – 25 C).


Keep moist by watering from above with rainwater or distilled water.  

Monkey Cups enjoy medium to high levels of humidity, so mist regularly or set on a tray of damp pebbles.


Mist the leaves every two weeks or so with a pre-mixed foliar feed. You can treat your plant to the occasional fly or insect, but rarely is this required.

Other Tips

Keep your monkey cup in a well-ventilated area and repot every 2-3 years when root bound.


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Christine Mattner

What started out as purely a desire to keep my indoor plants alive has turned into a full-blown passion for sharing what I have learned over the years about selecting, growing and caring for indoor plants with those who may be new to the wonderful world of houseplants.

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