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Indoor Plant Stands – Ideas for the Perfect Choice

Indoor Plant Stands

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If you would like to know more about indoor plant stands, then this is the perfect article for you.

It’ll be particularly useful if you need help in choosing the best plant stand to suit both your needs and the needs of your much loved plant  and want a better understanding of your options.

And stands are such a great way to display the plants you love.

They come in so many different shapes, textures, and sizes, contributing to any style of décor.

How the right indoor plant stands can change your life!

  • You free up space-say goodbye to lack of space because your plants are scattered everywhere. With a plant stand, you free up space for other décor and necessities.
  • You can fit multiple plants-some stands are ideal for having a mini garden of your own, even if you live in a small apartment.
  • Your interior will look awesome-thanks to their beautiful design; there will be a cozy feel everywhere, even in bathrooms. I just love bathrooms decorated with plants, they look so tropical!
  • It’s easy to move around-these stands are usually quite light, so they’re easy to transport from one area to another. Some even have wheels.
  • Makes maintenance of indoor plants easier-it can be tedious to have to take all your plants one by one to the bathroom to shower them. But, when most of them are on the one stand, doing it at once makes it much quicker and easier.

Indoor Plant Stand Ideas

Plant stands can be designed in various ways to create a certain look, but it’s the material they’re made of, that can have the biggest impact. These are the most common plant stand materials:

 1. Plant Stand Materials

Wooden Plant Stands

Wood is an all-time favorite material for plant stands. It looks amazing and rustic, but it’s also long-lasting and natural.

Many wooden plant stands are coated for additional longevity and protection. These fit well in almost any type of indoor space.

Wrought Iron Plant Stands

This material is considered highly sturdy and long-lasting when compared to wood or vinyl. It’s a very good option for decorating your balconies and for placing bigger, heavier plants.

Wrought iron plant stands will add an elegant touch indoors too. Investing in them is smart-this material is very resistant to damage, bending, and dents.

Metal Plant Stands

Metal plant stands are also a frequent choice. This is because metal is strong and hard and it lasts for a long time.

And, metal plant stands that are powder-coated can make for an awesome choice.

Powder coating makes the surface resistant to fading, wear and tear, chips, and scratches. You can also clean it very easily, even with a brush.

Plus, it’s eco-friendly thanks to being free of solvents and not releasing any VOCs!

Bamboo Plant Stands

Bamboo stands look attractive and add a modern look to spaces. In addition to being eco-friendly and sustainable, it’s also sturdy and strong.

Moreover, bamboo plant stands are coated for extra longevity with NC varnish, which isn’t harmful to humans. An awesome choice for bathrooms as well!

Rattan Plant Stands

This is a great pick if you want to bring nature indoors-these stands come in a variety of colors and are strong and durable.

The rattan is woven onto a frame to be transformed into the final product.

This helps to keep its strength and shape longer. Plus, maintaining rattan plant stands is easy, an occasional brushing or wiping with a cloth will be enough.

        2. Plant Stand Design

When I first started to explore plant stands, I remember how confused I was, given so many choices. But, when you learn the basics, everything becomes clearer.

Namely, there are two main types of plant stand design or construction, single stands and tiered plant stands.

Single plant stands are a great choice for larger plants that can grow quite tall like the dragon tree or the parlor palm.

The stands with one or only a few tiers are constructed to fit the pot with the plant and in a way, when you adjust the screws, the holder ‘hugs’ the pots.  

The multi-tiered plant stands don’t necessarily ‘hug’ the pots, but are designed like shelves. Some may also have frames in between.

I think they are a smart option for gardeners with more than 5 houseplants and with plants that don’t grow very tall, for example, succulents and cactuses or hanging ones like a Boston fern.

Good to Know:

You can get height-adjustable models or stands with wheels; they come in handy to move around, particularly if more/less light is necessary.

       3. Different Styles of Indoor Plant Stands

When choosing an indoor plant stand, you want the style of stand to suit the style of your room or home. To keep it simple, here are 3 different styles of plant stands to consider;

  • Classic- For me, the iron and metal ones are a confident choice. They look nice, are long-lasting, and fit perfectly both indoors and outdoors on balconies or porches
  • Modern-If you want to bring a contemporary look to your living room or bedroom; I really recommend the bamboo plant stands. Thanks to their natural honey color and beautiful texture, they’ll create a lovely atmosphere.
  • Country-Want to bring a natural, country-like vibe to your home or apartment? Choose a wooden or wicker plant stand.

They look handsome, match with almost any décor, and are easy to maintain.

Final Thoughts

In this plant stand article, we’ve looked at plant stand ideas based on materials, design and style.

Hopefully you now have a better idea of the choices available and what might best suit your plants, the space you have chosen for them and the look and feel you wish to create or compliment.

The key point to note is that when choosing indoor plant stands, you need to keep both practical and aesthetic considerations in mind.

Fortunately, there is so much choice available, that you are guaranteed to find the right stand for your needs, no matter the type of plant you have selected, the space you have available, or the overall result you wish to accomplish.

So even if you only have a kitchen window sill available, or you have a large corner of your living room ready for a tall feature plant, there is a stand for you.

Have fun choosing the plant stand that both you and your plants can enjoy!


P.S. Many people like to combine their indoor plant stand and plant pot purchases. Check out this great article on indoor plant pots.

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Indoor Plant Stands - A guide for new indoor gardeners

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